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The ‘Bone Church’, decorated with the bodies of 40,000 lost souls.

If you like skeletons you’ll love the ‘Bone Church’, decorated with the bodies of 40,000 lost souls.

The weirdness of this Walmart in China will give me nightmares. OMG

Here’s a brilliant collection of photos that show some of the more eccentric things you can find in a Chinese branch of Walmart.

The real life Avatar mountains. I can’t believe they’re real

These peaks were the inspiration for the floating islands of the planet Pandora in the 2009 film Avatar, and all I can say is wow!

Swimming pigs? Awwww Yeahhhh

Did you know that there’s an island in the Bahamas that’s home to a herd of wild, swimming pigs? Awwww yeahhh!

An island in an island in an island – no zombies there then.

Recursive islands are enough to make your brain hurt, but there are plenty...

Scribbles on a page or something far more surprising? Wow!

You could be forgiven for thinking these are simple doodles drawn in fine line. But take a closer look and you’ll see that these scribbles are in fact fully functioning pieces of modern furniture.

These sinister snowmen make me pray for summer. Yikes

Take a look at these sinister snowmen. Seriously, who would admit to building these white monsters?

Heartbreak or happiness? I can’t decide

The saddest or happiest pictures I’ve seen since the day before yesterday. All about stray dogs.